Security at our core

SecurityImplemented Secure Internal Policies and Procedures 

Geoff Smith Associates has a formalised and comprehensive Process for all areas of physical and information security and confidentiality. The Policies and Procedures are actively enforced and are communicated to staff via Training Programs (including Induction and On the Job Training) and within specific Customer-Project Meetings. The Policies and Procedures which ensure data remains under secure control extend to personnel security, physical building/premises security, IT Infrastructure security and Business-Continuity. All access to systems, and to Customer Data and Documents is permission enabled only.


All collections and deliveries are pre-arranged with pre-defined journeys on the basis of ‘a nonstop policy’.

  • Transportation is within GSA’s own vehicles, manned by two GSA (SC vetted) staff.
  • Vehicles are protected with “Slam Locks” tracked by two trackers and integral Safes.
  • At all times physical files are retained within secure closed boxes. All data is encrypted to an agreed standard.
  • GSA vehicles are utilised for one client at a time on a one customer, one journey basis.
  • The movements of files are recorded as part of the Full Audit Trail. This means that at all times the continuity of handling of material is audited and accounted for.

**The ‘Transportation’, ‘Non Stop’ and ‘One Customer, One Journey’ Policy is subject to clarification for different classifications of data and documents defined for IL1, IL2, IL3 and IL4.

Internal security

Security and Quality are not labels we stamp on the Bureau service at the end of the process but are a significant part of the whole business process from start to finish. GSA has been operating a Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001 since 2003 and from 2010 attained Information Security Management System ISO 27001 accreditation. Additionally, GSA systems and processes are compliant in accordance with the Code of Practice for Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Linking Electronic Identity to Documents (BIP 0008-3:2008). The BIP 0009 Compliance Work Book is available to view. Additionally, for Policing Customers, GSA has been assessed as a Police Approved Secure Facility for Impact Level 3 and 4 by the Home Office National Police Information Risk Management Team (last Inspection May 2013).

Building Security

Where Information Security is imperative, secure services start with physical Building Security and the application of sensible security products to minimise risks: 

  • Monitored and Recorded PIR Alarm Systems
  • Actively monitored and recorded CCTV
  • Defined key holders & FOB Locked Internal Doors
  • Obscured Door & Window with Security Grilles
  • Isolated work areas with ‘One Job Open’ Rule
  • Climate Controlled Storage with double Caging and Cabinets

Infrastructure Security

In the background at IT and User Level we address infrastructure issues by utilising systems and products with known provenance and quality assurance:

  • Fully encrypted and isolated Network
  • Retention of a wholly complete electronic and manually recorded Audit Trail for all events provided to a uniquely extensive level
  • Disabled E-mail, Internet Connections & USB Devices on all Bureau Computers
  • Work access by Individual User Permissions
  • Secure communication Criminal Justice E-Mail address:,,,
  • No Media Devices such as Mobile Phones/ Cameras in Restricted Areas
  • Controlled Firewall, Anti Virus and Back Up Processes within actively addressed Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity framework.

legal-admissability ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 27001


Case Studies

GSA were contracted to undertake a complex HR & Occupational Health document scanning project.  It was concluded that the most cost effective route was to outsource the weeding & classification of files to GSA.  GSA completed the project on time, within budgets and also implemented the Cyclops EDRM Solutions to keep the Force(s) paperless going forward.
One of the largest UK Police Forces had to relocate into a new modern Head Office accommodation; they decided the most cost effective route to moving their paper files was to outsource this process to an approved supplier such as GSA.  This was a complex project that required methodical project management, as per the client’s requirements GSA scanned all records and provided custom scripts for upload onto the clients SharePoint libraries.  Fundamentally the client saved on removal  costs as GSA provide this process as part of the service. 
An exclusive London based clinic wanted to eliminate all the typical Risks associated with paper files, they were advised to only use a secure scanning services supplier, after seeing many suppliers GSA were selected.  The Clinic is now reaping the benefits of freeing up valuable expensive space and having files instantly available between offices in London and the USA.
Dealing in the London luxurious homes market, with space being extremely expensive and the need to ensure client Files remain secure.  GSA were contracted to collect and scan all Files, then to provide a system to enable the viewing of the scanned files. 
GSA have been provide secure scanning services to numerous Probation Trusts for several years, GSA were selected as a supplier based on having the right level of security to handle sensitive information and also having the Software application that was sophisticated enough to manage the scanned Files in compliance regulatory obligations.
A successful firm of accountants utilises GSA scanning services to get all their clients’ year end accounts scanned.  Financial information is kept for several years; therefore managing this information digitally was the most cost effective and efficient way forward.
a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical slip rings systems and fibre optic rotary joints, contracted GSA to scan all their financial records, which included POD’s, Invoices etc.  This has now freed up valuable office space. 
With sites across Europe and China this company are experts in welded assemblies, tube manipulation, transfer and progression presswork, wire forming, exhaust bright trim and deep drawn components.  They decided to operate a digital HR Department; the first step was to scan all records, then to adopt the Cyclops Document Management Solution to remain paperless.